Monday, April 08, 2019

Lonely Night!

Tonight, I'm all alone,
Loneliness, who have not known?
Even a heart that is hard as stone,
Would melt, and cry in a groan,
If one stays in this building as I, alone!

I should not put on all the light,
For I wouldn’t be able to pay the bill,
Though darkest it looks to me this night!
Hmm! To spend the time of loneliness is a skill!

I can’t afford to call up friends,
For morrow's Sermon needs attention.
As if everything’s alright I pretend,
Though I yearn a soothing conversation!

Back to my table, I must, to study,
Or get my knees to the floor to pray,
Before all my emotions get muddy,
Maybe that’s how one drives emotion away!

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Enter by it

H – Haoboi is an
A – Adorable friend
O – Of mine,
B – Born
O – On April 4
I – In Churachandpur.

D – Dear friend,
O – Oh! How
U – Uncomfortable
N – Narrow
G – Gate of Life is;
E – Enter by it, for the
L – Lord leads the way!

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

not To Teach a Lesson

The father did not 'teach
the prodigal son a lesson,'
Neither God sent Christ
to 'teach us a lesson,'
Nor am I here to
'teach anyone a lesson.'