Friday, December 14, 2018

Does the Devil make you sin?

“But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust. Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death.”  James 1:14-15

Summarize in a Word: Does the Devil make you sin?
Main point of the Passage: You are responsible for your sin!
Illustration: Young man struggling with Pornography
Exhortation: Be humbled knowing you are responsible for your sin. But be encouraged knowing you can overcome in the Spirit.
TMAI  Promotional Issue: By John Doe

These verses lay out for us the complete cycle of personal sin—from beginning to end. To defeat sin, we must understand it properly and, yet, sadly there is much false teaching today on the nature and origin of our sin. So where does my sin come from? Does God tempt me to sin? Or maybe the saying is true that “the devil made me do it?”
James 1:13 tells us that God never tempts us to sin and our verse today starkly refutes the false notion that Satan can make us sin. Instead, the only person responsible for your sin is…you. Satan cannot make you sin. He can tempt you, he can accuse you, he can dangle the fish hook of sin in front of your mouth, but he cannot force you to take the bait. This verse puts the responsibility for sin squarely on our own shoulders. But it also clarifies a major misunderstanding for many believers.
I personally witnessed the hopelessness and fear that a young man had because of his wrong understanding of sin. Struggling with pornography, he believed that Satan had the power to force him into this sin. He was fearful of what he saw as a sovereign devil. However, when he understood that the sin in his life was a result of his own lust, he then could deal with the issue at its root—his own heart.
Be humbled by the reality that your sin is born out of your own lust. But be encouraged knowing that if you walk by the Spirit, you will not carry out the desire [lust] of the flesh (Gal. 5:16).

Thanks for the time of Reflection,
R. Solomon
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Monday, December 10, 2018

Like Luther

“Pursue!” said these people,
“Enough!” said those people;
Go!” says one group,
“Keep waiting!” says the other group.
Two ears have I, so I listen to both sides,
But two legs are not meant to take two sides!

I cannot decode the signal from heaven,
They say I pray harder to the God of heaven,
Oh! I’ve moved from praying to begging!
I looked up at the black sky, asking,
“Where will my help come from?” From the sky?
Mosquito buzzed. Oh! Certainly not from a fly!

My heart and my mind failed me,
Yet from an utter fall, the Scripture upholds me!
This and that they keep on saying,
As I continue to keep on listening.
Oh! Come whatever the night’s lot!
Like Luther, I stand still, “Help me, God!”

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Thought on Blogging

I am one of the bloggers
Who does not have many readers.
Yet, I do not give up blogging
Because I take pleasure in writing!

What have I lost,
What did It cost
For me to regularly post?
Just my precious time at most!

Thursday, December 06, 2018

The Delayed Meeting

I know he comes to meet.
Down the bumpy road, I run to greet,
Reach the fork where I frown,
For I know not which road to go down.
Is it eagerness or impatience
That leads me to this inconvenience?

I take the right as far as I could,
But turn back thinking he would
Come by the other road.
To the fork in a hurry mode.
I take the left and turn back likewise.
My strength fails, I crumble, no surprise!

Inaudible voice I hear down the road,
I spring to my feet with eyes open broad,
Oh! It’s not he, just a passer-by!
In disappointment, I almost cry.
Footsteps I hear often, but not of him!
Silhouettes here and there, but not of him!